About Calder Permaculture

We are passionate about Permaculture. After 20+ years working in the horticulural/agricultural industries and 15 years working as a qualified greenskeeper, we came to the realisation that synthetic chemicals are not the complete answer to increase plant and animal health.

Our current residence has been transformed into a chemical free environment, with no waste and exhibiting high productivity, proving that the direction taken over 20 years ago makes for a thriving oasis and testament to the benefits of Permaculture. 

Our Research and Development

The vast improvement in the soil and the quality of the crops produced sent us on a quest of discovery. Observation and practical application of various species of worms provided the answers sought. Further product development led us to experimenting with worm castings both solid and liquid, different worm species and variations of diet feed to worms.

 The resulting formula not only restored the soil but also increased the fibrous roots of plants many fold. Thus the increased available nutrients and fibrous root development by plants was the reason for the increase in quality and yield of treated plants. After years of experimentation we have produced a product that is outstanding.  

We have personally been growing the vast majority of our vegetables using worms as the stimulator. For many years our focus being feed the worms to feed the plants which has proven to be an extremely effective practice. Our veggie garden produces a huge diversity of fruit and veg, and the garden serves as a chook run providing the chooks with food. After each crop is harvested the chooks are rotated into that area, providing the chooks with abundant food and ourselves with the freshest, tastiest, bright orange free range eggs  

The produce harvested from the veggie patch is far superior to anything purchased at the supermarket, in colour, shelflife and most of all, flavour. The chooks eat anything, moving or not, including snails earwigs, weeds and weed seed. We also offer a consulting service at very reasonable price to help others get started in this most important, earth healing venture.

Our knowledge of soils, soil health, environmental issues, native plants and trees is extraordinary (in our humble opinion of course)