About Calder Permaculture

Having long known the benefits of earth worms and their castings, and taking full advantage of all the benefit they bring over the last 30+ years, from vegetable gardens, to lawns, to a native nursery, and much more.

Being a regenerative product and practice, this closed system production chain leaves behind no waste, and is not detrimental to the land or environment. We strive to bring life back to any soils that we can, and leave the Earth better than we found it by taking natural products and turning them into the ultimate plant nutrition, just as mother nature intended.

We practice what we preach and live a generally self-sufficient life. Depending on the season we grow up to 75% of the food we consume here on our own property all while using no harmful sprays or synthetic chemicals. We grow small batches of clover pastures for our chickens and we cycle through our garden beds by season so once a garden has finished producing, the chickens are then let in to clean it up and ready it for the next cycle of planting. The abundance of worms and beneficial bacteria in the ground support each element, every step of the way.

We decided to pursue organic certification as all these practices were already in place, so aside from increasing to very stringent and regimented record keeping we did not need to change our practices as this was already our standard way of doing things. The organic certification can however give the consumer the peace of mind that Stimulator really is what we say it is, 100% organically made with certification you can trust.