Hi Russell,

See the attached pictures as discussed.  These pictures were taken at 8pm on the 4-1-19.

The temperature leading up to that day was extreme (I recorded just over 47 at my place), below are the recorded highs from the Swan Hill aerodrome which are generally slightly cooler than my place.
December 24  – 35.5
December 25  – 38.9
December 26  – 40.9
December 27  – 43.6
December 28  – 43.0
December 27 – 35.4
December 30  – 37.1
December 31  – 38.2
January 1  – 38.2
January 2  – 37.1
January 3  – 39.3
January 4  – 46.2​

In the 3 years previous to this year I have suffered significant burn to the walnut crop during temperatures in the high 30s as well as new growth having died and\or wilted badly.  I would estimate the damage to the crop at possibly 20%.

The trees had 1 dose of Worm Juice (Stimulator) on the 3rd December at 50lt per Ha and came through that heat wave well. In the pictures the leaves still look healthy and full, nuts appear unaffected and new growth is still strong. There is the occasional burn on odd nuts however it is such a small number that i see any damage as being insignificant at this stage.

I am very impressed with the results so far and intend to continue the program as the health of the trees has improved massivly already and with continued applications I believe that they will only get better. After the initial dose of 50lt per Ha I intend to do a monthly dose of 20-25lt per Ha during the growing season.

Peter Stanton
Stanopia Farms